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About Our Work

When we say a camp erection it means we start our job from a barren land up to creation of a small city. This includes leveling of the land, foundation, sewerage system, and septic tank, electrical cabling, power generation, water tanks, water distribution and supply of the living units of all the categories from workers up to the project director.Camp management and catering business long enough to understand how important it is for an employer to provide adequate living and messing facilities to his workers, because on this depends on their work output. We are also aware how difficult and distracting it is for an employer to attend to the welfare and other needs of his diverse ethnic group of workers. Therefore, we have specialized in handling just these services. We take good care of the workers so that the employers can take care of their work better.

You could also hand over the tedious task of lodging and boarding of your employees to us and we in turn will insure that:

  • Your employees live comfortably and are well taken care of, to increase their level of motivation which will translate into high efficiency and better work output.
  • You are relieved of this distracting and time consuming responsibility to enable you to focus on your primary professional work area.
  • You save considerable expense and valuable executive time that can bring you long term savings, which you may possibly not be able to achieve, were you to handle this task yourself.

How Experienced We Are

Although, this company was created in 1976, our experience dates back to 1975, when our management commenced operations in U.A.E. in collaboration with another catering company. Over the last 35 years we served several clients to their complete satisfaction. Some of our major clients are listed in our client profile.

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